200 IQ 🧠

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Stefano S7™
Stefano S7™
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  • jack warren

    jack warren

    He wasted like 10-15 seconds , people acting like he revolutionised the world 😂

  • King of Kings

    King of Kings

    Neymar can waste half of a match by acting dead😂😂😂✌🔥

  • beans me

    beans me

    thats why jens lehman will never be remembered as one of the best goalie

  • Shinoj M

    Shinoj M

    He got a yellow card for doing it😁

  • Tony Lipsmire

    Tony Lipsmire

    I’ll never forget when Lehman pissed behind his own goal during a game. Total prick that guy too

  • Randomaholic


    Potato is the best vegetable 🙂

  • Maxim Sukakov

    Maxim Sukakov

    Old school👏🏻👏🏻love it

  • Hugo Borges

    Hugo Borges

    Aí, o meliante puxa uma faca com a outra mão 🔥

  • Jeremy Pro

    Jeremy Pro

    Wow. This sport is really interesting.

  • ebek黒


    Ah as always 4rsenal is always funny 🤣

  • MR. outlaw

    MR. outlaw

    Iam a arsenal fan yes IQ 200 but the respect is -200 to be honest

  • Alphonsa Mathew

    Alphonsa Mathew

    In the exam day morning I do the same that I can spend time and no study😁

  • Dey Guns

    Dey Guns

    Jens Lehmann vs Kolo Toure, yes i remember that 🤸

  • Tito Bagaswara

    Tito Bagaswara

    Legend 👍

  • Nate M

    Nate M

    Classic Hens..

  • Alessandro Ghelli

    Alessandro Ghelli

    Some good sportsmanship right there

  • R Mac

    R Mac

    Jens lehman is a man amongst men, top goalkeeper.

  • Mohamed Rashad

    Mohamed Rashad

    He certainly enjoys wasting time. What a decision he made and we all enjoyed it

  • Nint Play

    Nint Play

    Нихрена не понял, но очень интересно...

  • Aman Tewolde

    Aman Tewolde

    With viel Idea still no Priemer league 😁🤣😜