Scream | Official Trailer (2022 Movie)

Објављено 12 окт 2021
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Do you like scary movies? Watch the NEW trailer for , only in theatres January 14, 2022.

Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past. Neve Campbell (“Sidney Prescott”), Courteney Cox (“Gale Weathers”) and David Arquette (“Dewey Riley”) return to their iconic roles in Scream alongside Melissa Barrera, Kyle Gallner, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Dylan Minnette, Jenna Ortega, Jack Quaid, Marley Shelton, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and Sonia Ammar.

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  • Luciolara22 Rubio 12

    Luciolara22 Rubio 12

    Пре минут


  • Josey Wells

    Josey Wells

    Пре 2 минута

    Cool trailer but C'mon now....🤣

  • The6Eternal6Dark6Lord


    Пре 6 минута

    It looks great, more horror less comedy

  • Scared Sh!tless

    Scared Sh!tless

    Пре 8 минута

    I'm just disappointed I can only like this once!

  • LANA


    Пре 15 минута

    Don’t fuck with the originals 💅🏻- Sidney prescott

  • Kimmycup


    Пре 18 минута

    STU's house?!!! Is Stu...alive? o.O

  • Fact & Fiction

    Fact & Fiction

    Пре 33 минута

    2021 - 2022 The era in which the characters from the classic movies finally fight back! Hoorah! ("Halloween Kills" for example)

  • Fact & Fiction

    Fact & Fiction

    Пре 36 минута

    "Would you like to play a game, Tara?"
    Wait a minute... I thought this was a "Scream" trailer, not a "Saw" trailer. LOL

  • Fact & Fiction

    Fact & Fiction

    Пре 38 минута

    About damn time!

  • Wavy Damon

    Wavy Damon

    Пре 44 минута

    I’m only watching it bc Jenna Ortega is in it ❤️💯

  • Charlie Nyberg

    Charlie Nyberg

    Пре 45 минута

    What’s your favorite scary movie

  • Widi Priyanto

    Widi Priyanto

    Пре 46 минута

    5CREAM? No?

  • Tesoro ᶜʰªᵗ✶ˢᴱˣ✶ Free

    Tesoro ᶜʰªᵗ✶ˢᴱˣ✶ Free

    Пре 48 минута

    14:21 In the game, I knocked it all out. But I fell for you.

  • Julian Maldonado

    Julian Maldonado

    Пре 48 минута

    Take my money !!!💰

  • Kyonosuke血液


    Пре 55 минута


  • Ira Sally Fitri

    Ira Sally Fitri

    Пре 55 минута

    I was about to say "meh, another shitty reboot". And then, BOOM!! "I'm Sidney Prescott, of course i have a gun." Daaaaaammnnn grrrrlllll!!!

  • alina miketič

    alina miketič

    Пре 58 минута


  • rachel r

    rachel r

    Пре сат

    As a 90s kid awww it's good 2 see the original cast!! I love it!

  • Carlos Campos

    Carlos Campos

    Пре сат


  • joshidol


    Пре сат

    I’m sorry but there’s no other line more iconic than “Hello Sidney” in the Horror genre.

  • memoirsofadoll


    Пре сат

    Can y’all let sidney live?? 😩😩 I’ll be watching tho 🍿 🔪

  • Chris L

    Chris L

    Пре сат


  • Stanley Schmidt

    Stanley Schmidt

    Пре сат

    I thought this was going to be a comedy. Oops, I was wrong! Scary trailer for sure!!!

  • ben littleton

    ben littleton

    Пре сат

    Callin it now. It's Stu

  • Chris22


    Пре сат

    Looking at Courtney Cox.
    Mr Plinkett : oh my god what happened to your face?????



    Пре сат

    this new movie looks so much darker than the other movies! i'm so excited for this omg!

  • Courtnei David

    Courtnei David

    Пре сат

    This shit looks like trash, there’s a formula to these movies that only Wes craven can provide abd ever since he died the scream movies have been extremely disappointing😩😩 I mean it’s the exact same killing methods as 4 they keep trying to pass the buck off to a younger generation Based off of modern technology but it’s not working To me the scariest part of technology is the creation of democraps Trumpanzees and the gestapo 🤷🏽‍♀️same thing that happened to the nightmare on elm street series certain movies need the their daddy

  • Ex Communicado

    Ex Communicado

    Пре сат

    Neve Campbell didn't age that much.

  • ignacio bermudez

    ignacio bermudez

    Пре сат


  • The Outcast

    The Outcast

    Пре сат

    The masked dude holds the knife like its a lightsaber, reminds me of Darth Nihilus

  • Brandon Hall

    Brandon Hall

    Пре сат

    For the love of God ....some movies just shouldn't make a comeback and this is definitely 1!!!!!!

  • Shaun The Artist

    Shaun The Artist

    Пре сат

    It's an honor...

  • Ryan


    Пре сат

    Sidney Prescott hasn't aged!! My '90s heart. 🥺

  • Asif Games

    Asif Games

    Пре сат

    looks so cool

  • Nando H

    Nando H

    Пре 2 сата

    We already know its Dylan behind the mask

  • Dannyx


    Пре 2 сата

    Black person dies first.. glad scream bringing back old traditions

  • Dannyx


    Пре 2 сата

    Who the hell still has a house phone?

  • Tazakka Thoriq

    Tazakka Thoriq

    Пре 2 сата




    Пре 2 сата

    1 guy = HAVIER RAVEZ. 2 hot asian girls = MARLIN PIE KYOHEDI LEDR & CEROBLAST. 1 hot white girl = DEB. Sitting in the tree :P HAHAHAH! OOPS HAVIER RAVEZ strive indeed :P

  • John Dko88

    John Dko88

    Пре 2 сата

    seeing gale and dewy again ZZZZZZZZZ something new for once fk my life.

  • Daisy Ovalle Gallardo

    Daisy Ovalle Gallardo

    Пре 2 сата

    Hello Sidney! 😈😱🔪

  • WindyWen


    Пре 2 сата

    scream? really thats the name?

  • ??


    Пре 2 сата


  • De' Sean Barrow

    De' Sean Barrow

    Пре 2 сата

    The power of money and nostalgia makes movies

  • astroboy


    Пре 3 сата

    i hope it still has humor in the dark scenes but still scary like the first couple ones thats why i liked it

  • treepizzle


    Пре 3 сата

    Wish this made it for October

  • Sea Dog

    Sea Dog

    Пре 3 сата

    Dang this movie is gonna be SICK

  • Wayhoo


    Пре 3 сата

    I saw this as an ad and it looked interesting. I knew it was scream the second I heard the voice call 😩

  • Kano


    Пре 3 сата

    is this real

  • Shahzaib Sadiq

    Shahzaib Sadiq

    Пре 3 сата

    January release though...

  • Melissa Vargas

    Melissa Vargas

    Пре 3 сата


  • Katlyn Galvin-King

    Katlyn Galvin-King

    Пре 3 сата

    It’s a ghost from the past 100% think it is Stu Macher

  • Fluffy Bunny

    Fluffy Bunny

    Пре 4 сата

    I don't think I ever really liked any of these movies but I get excited every time there's a new one. ☺

  • Pure Luck

    Pure Luck

    Пре 4 сата


    • Dallas Sucks

      Dallas Sucks

      Пре 31 минут

      Bro what

  • StormShadow


    Пре 4 сата

    Fantatic just what we need a good slasher horror flick. Awesome can't wait 😁👏

  • Frazer Brown

    Frazer Brown

    Пре 4 сата

    1So Sidney burns 🔥 ghostface ( Sam Carpenter) in the finale in the original kitchen at Stu's house. Martha Meeks is the one holding back Gale Screaming as Dewey is brought out in a body bag. Jenna Ortega survives the opening kill however is killed in the hospital later and Dewey not long after as he is there to try and save her. Hicks is rushing to the hospital after she hears Dewey has been killed but ghostface has fucked with her breaks and she crashes and dies. Kyle Gallner's character is stabbed several times by ghostface and left dead beside a dumpster. Chad and Mindy Meeks are both killed during the party at Stu's house he is chased and stabbed outside as shown in the trailer and his sister in the garage a homage to Tatums death but very diffrent .  Liv McKenzie is killed after making love to her boyfriend before he is chased and killed eventually outside again a homage to Sidney and Billy love making scene. Finally Amber and Gale along with Sidney are the only two three left. Amber has a twist but ultimately dies she is stabbed multiple times very brutal. Gale has an amazing chase from ghostface hiding in the woods outside the house where she and Dewey found the Dads car in the original but is captured by Ghostface and bound and gagged and put in a ghostface costume. Sidney shoots her by mistake and takes of the mask to reveal Gale she tells her she will be with Dewey now and to end this fucker once and for all before dying. Final showdown between  Sidney and Ghostface oh wait did I miss someone out yeah 😅  there are three  ghostfaces Sam and wait for it yes you guessed right Richie Kirsch and Wes Hicks why did they do it well that part I wont spoil but nobody survives except one of the killers and Sidney finally meets her maker but how she goes is friggin amazing. Sue me Paramount  😘

  • Tiana Natasha

    Tiana Natasha

    Пре 4 сата

    So awesome they put the original cast in it 😩❤️

  • Surya XI-D

    Surya XI-D

    Пре 4 сата

    Theatre Or OTT ..?

  • zyyx


    Пре 4 сата

    sis better make sure that phone is fully charged

  • Youngboi Iver

    Youngboi Iver

    Пре 4 сата

    im so exciteeed

  • Muzeeb Sayyed

    Muzeeb Sayyed

    Пре 5 сати


  • neve campbell1010

    neve campbell1010

    Пре 5 сати

    Ahhhhhh Wake me up on January 14. Thanks

  • BigSalProductions


    Пре 5 сати


  • H Boogie

    H Boogie

    Пре 5 сати

    This actually looks more serious and darker than the original. They removed the comedy element so it's pure horror this time. Looks promising.

  • luv wrld

    luv wrld

    Пре 5 сати

    y’all really killed off jenna ortega that quickly

  • Charles Silano

    Charles Silano

    Пре 5 сати

    With Micheal,Chucky, and now ghostface. Idk this trailer gives me a bit of Chucky vibes. Plus that laugh at the end. Who knows? Maybe ghostface is the girl Chucky possessed 🤔

  • StephLight


    Пре 5 сати

    This is a modern scream killing all of you tiktokers

  • LazyJollyJaye


    Пре 5 сати

    All we want is Dewy to survive, we don't want to see him dying, we love him since the day one

  • Rodrickas Morris

    Rodrickas Morris

    Пре 5 сати

    Courtney Cox still looking as gorgeous as ever I'm hyped for this

  • tamana khan

    tamana khan

    Пре 5 сати

    Releasing 2 days after my birthday 🎉 DAMN EXCITED!!!!! Big fan 😻😻😻

  • Atleast im not eating bats

    Atleast im not eating bats

    Пре 5 сати

    *its a horror film*

  • Elijah Murphy

    Elijah Murphy

    Пре 5 сати

    Im been waiting for new Scream and then now Im ready for this My favorite new scary movie

  • The Peter

    The Peter

    Пре 6 сати

    Scary Movie

  • lino249


    Пре 6 сати

    so bassically, its Halloween, but the guy has a different mask on

  • ClawBoss


    Пре 6 сати

    LETS GO!!! These movies were my entire childhood!

  • Christian Wilson

    Christian Wilson

    Пре 6 сати

    This was filmed in my home town ahah gonna be crazy watching this

  • Sora Synn

    Sora Synn

    Пре 6 сати


  • yasser nul

    yasser nul

    Пре 6 сати

    hoping skeet ulrich, matthew lillard and rose mcgowan still alive for un expected twist

  • Andy Fraser

    Andy Fraser

    Пре 6 сати

    why are they rebooting scream

  • Jean Oliveira

    Jean Oliveira

    Пре 6 сати

    Boring. Nothing will surpass the 1996 one

  • ulises de jesus

    ulises de jesus

    Пре 6 сати

    Ufffff 🤩🤩🤩

  • Mystery Thriller writer

    Mystery Thriller writer

    Пре 6 сати

    Ohh godd, I was so impatient that I wrote it's 5th & 6th part in 2019!!!
    Can't wait for this! I hope part 6 will be mine story, as I've written.
    SCREAM, at your strength, no one's gonna help you.

  • Tat2Dup


    Пре 6 сати


  • Antonia


    Пре 7 сати

    Y’all I feel like Dewey isn’t going to make it 😭😭😭 I’m trying to stay optimistic but after Randy idk how long they gone keep Dewey

  • Ruiz Sebastien

    Ruiz Sebastien

    Пре 7 сати




    Пре 7 сати


  • Toddy Apthorpe

    Toddy Apthorpe

    Пре 7 сати

    gayle swallows

  • Clorax


    Пре 7 сати

    Refreshing to see the ghost face mask

  • wmd3477


    Пре 7 сати

    Scary movie 7 is coming

  • Imran Becks

    Imran Becks

    Пре 7 сати

    "I'll be right back."

  • Royce Rigney

    Royce Rigney

    Пре 7 сати


  • Carlos Rocha

    Carlos Rocha

    Пре 7 сати

    This looks like what the original would look without the meta

  • Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    Пре 7 сати

    I love the first 3 Scream films but nothing about this trailer excited me at all. Same old same old.

  • Mayank Rathod

    Mayank Rathod

    Пре 7 сати

    No Scream 5??🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Brayant Bonilla

    Brayant Bonilla

    Пре 7 сати

    NOW THIS IS A REAL FUCKIN SCREAM !!!! dark bloody i love it

  • christi land

    christi land

    Пре 8 сати


    • Imran Becks

      Imran Becks

      Пре 7 сати

      Looks like its Stu's house from the first one.

  • McD5791


    Пре 8 сати

    "5CREAM". There's your title and hashtag right there...

  • Timee Ak

    Timee Ak

    Пре 8 сати

    Is this a remake?

  • Timee Ak

    Timee Ak

    Пре 8 сати

    This a remake

    • Capone Collectibles

      Capone Collectibles

      Пре 7 сати

      No takes place after scream 4