Emma Watson Once Said

Објављено 22 нов 2021
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  • Celebrity Observer

    Celebrity Observer

    How Amber Heard Destroyed Johnny Depp!!!

  • MoliminousTheater


    It is pretty ture. I'm not close to thirty but like the knowledge that , this is the time you should have everything done by, is a bit nerve wracking

  • Drake Brunette

    Drake Brunette

    I’m impressed that she realized all this even though it wouldn’t be as challenging for her to attain any of those things. And that’s not a jab at her… most people who have fame, money and good looks just don’t know how impossibly challenging it is for a person with few friends, no career and average looks (or unfortunately ugly) to attain all those things.

  • Mad Gay Artist

    Mad Gay Artist

    Being close to 50 now, I can assure everybody .. you’ll never get over the „figuring out“ phase. That’s called life. Have a nice day. 😬

  • GodofWarChuka


    I’m 50 now. Wish I was 30 again. ! LoL

  • Dm Drae

    Dm Drae

    Yo if she doesn’t feel stable what hope do the rest of us have 😂

  • Taylor Campbell

    Taylor Campbell

    This is proof that everyone feels this way, if Emma Watson feels this way after being successful since she was a young girl, it’s definitely the programming. Everyone’s timeline is different and it is never too late for anything in life, just let destiny take you where you’re meant to go.

  • Reggie Storm

    Reggie Storm

    “30” It’s a big number, it’s the age that tells you that you’re no longer as young as you once were, and if you’ve been wasting your time to start taking your life seriously, so it’s important to feel that pressure it brings awareness to how far you’re in life, if you’re behind on some of your life goals to step it up a notch. Without a sense of time and urgency nobody would get shit done in a reasonable time, if you’re 50 broke and living at home you’d be grateful you had felt that pressure at 30 so you could avoid that outcome all together.

  • Malin


    when i was turning 20, i felt that but in the way that my friends were about to graduating but i was just starting university but I’ll say your journey is your journey, there is no rush, you will get to your destination when you do and you’ll love it more because it will be everything you ever wanted

  • Christopher Gibbons

    Christopher Gibbons

    This is one of those things I constantly hear people complaining about, but never actually see myself.

  • Eric Williams

    Eric Williams

    As a 30 year old who isn't married, doesn't have children, or a stable and reliable career, I can safely say that I wouldnt trade anything I have for any of that. I'm a musician. I get to do what I love for my living. I have good friends, a roof over my head, plenty of food, access to health care, etc etc etc.

  • Karl Smith

    Karl Smith

    She's actually quite right about that

  • No one Special

    No one Special

    They call that wisdom Emma. The reality of life is that time matters. Especially in a mortal being who’s body degrades over time. You won’t live forever. What happens if your house ain’t built yet and winter is here? Constructions stops. Time matters.

  • 태선우TaeSunWoo


    Also Emma: still looks like a Hogwarts student

  • Liam Hart

    Liam Hart

    Holy shit it’s almost like not having your life together by the age of 30 is a bit stressful glad no one else has said something like this before

  • Brandon Wheaton

    Brandon Wheaton

    The lie that career will satisfy you in life. When you get older you realize that it's relationships, aka family/friends, that you care about at the end of your life. That feeling is the fear of growing lonely by yourself.

  • Meb in Deutschland

    Meb in Deutschland

    This is so true. I'm 29 and I feel so stress about my career and my dreams.

  • Mexicanus Prime

    Mexicanus Prime

    I’m 25 and all the kids from my generation are all married, pregnant, have kids, better paying jobs, and/or live on their own. But there’s one advantage I have over them: I’m not stressed. I’m not worried about my wife, my kid, or my career. My point isn’t to be lazy and not care, nah my point is to make do with what life gave you and if you don’t have all those things, that’s ok.

  • Josh Cordonnier

    Josh Cordonnier

    It’s not just subliminal messaging. It’s reality. We only have so much time here; and somethings can only happen in specific time frames. At different moments and life that reality breaks in and you have to face the realities of your life.

  • Goldman Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    Goldman Mayer Amschel Rothschild

    I'll be 30 in February. I could care less about money, I just want enough to eat, pay my bills, and buy things I like on occasion. The problem with most people is that they worship money/materials instead of God. No matter how much they have, it's never enough. They feel they have to conform to society's standards. As long as you can comfortably survive, you will be ok. Put God first in your life, and he will reward you with peace and happiness that money/materials will never bring you.