Everything Epic NEEDS To Do in Fortnite Chapter 3!

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Today I'm going through my official Fortnite Chapter 3 Wishlist! I hope you enjoy! :D
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Today i'm going over everything epic needs to do in fortnite chapter 3! Hope you enjoy!

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  • kevinsmak


    I want snipers back.

  • Rhythm Boy

    Rhythm Boy

    All things must in next chapter : chapter 3 map needs to have biomes. There should be a change in graphics not like going for high graphics but just some change in them would be great. New builds or edits Would also be very cool. And basically refresh the game.

  • Burak


    remember back in the day when they had "the block" where every week or so they put a new creation that someone built as a poi.. they should bring that back in my opinion.

  • Phrills


    I think a grappling hook that does not run out, would be awesome. I also think a new building structure, suck as a see through effect so your opponent can see you dancing inside or a sticky/gummy effect on the outside would be different.

  • Brocko3.0


    I would love the guided missle to come back! Or a turret attachment for a car so then teamates can shoot the turret while in the car!

  • ThePerfectEraser



  • wastedwater181


    My thoughts are that if sliding does come in chapter 3 that the map would be quite hilly with lots of bumps for more mobility when your sliding

  • Gabriel Visholm Philipsen

    Gabriel Visholm Philipsen

    dude, imagine how cool a medieval themed season would be!!

  • Genesis Osuna

    Genesis Osuna


  • BombasticLife


    I really hope we get a lootpool similar to chapter 1, full of those fun items like grapplers, rifts, impulses, balloons, and other stuff like that. Chapter 2 lootpools have been super boring and generic for the most part.

  • thediamond popularjen

    thediamond popularjen

    I definitely think that 100% chest spawn will be back for chapter 3. Because we need to get used to and learn where every chest is. So I think it will definitely be back

  • Snivl


    I want them to add a randomized option for the emote wheel because I have so many emotes I like but you cant use all of them and having different emotes in each match would kinda make emoting fresh again

  • Chelleen


    The map needs to be diverse. Chapter 1 had a lot of different biomes and Chapter 2 lacked different areas that were naturally spread around the map (deserts/volcanos/arctic/etc.).

  • yes its 9 inches

    yes its 9 inches

    they should add like a, new reviving animation, it would be really cool.

  • Tyler Caust

    Tyler Caust

    I want the upgrading benches to go back to materials instead of gold.

  • Benniboi72


    speaking of stuff we want back, fix the locker and game selection screens, the old ones were FINE. These new ones are annoying and hard to navigate. Like if you agree so Sypher can see.

  • LUCKY_AIM 34

    LUCKY_AIM 34

    I think it could be really great if epic implement the car attachments. This is my idea of how it could work, in the menu there is a page for upgrading your cars, like call of duty with the weapons. So there is a list of cars that you can customize, like the whiplash for example, and every attachment you add to the car cost gold, for example you want an infinity bust, so you buy the infinity bust attachment and it cost 500 gold or 1000 gold for example, and every car have different attachments, you can only put a torret in the B.E.A.R, and depending who driving the vehicle it change the attachments, for example there are 4 people on the car, but only the attachments that the driver has got is the attachments that will applied on the car, and if the driver change the car will change the attachments for the new driver's instead.

  • LibertyLlama


    What about completely new vehicles? Like a motorcyle, or like a full-on racecar. It would also be cool to see some OG vehicles returning, like the baller, quad crasher, and hoverboard! 🤩🤩🤩

  • Sir Vargie

    Sir Vargie

    I agree on the biomes. I believe at one point last chapter there was a snow biome, sand, tropical, and normal grass biome all at once.

  • Loopti The Gamer

    Loopti The Gamer

    I feel like they could’ve done better with collabs like Halo. Instead of just a skin, they could’ve added a small Halo themed poi and a master chief boss that drops a mythic halo weapon. To try and relive that collab, they could add a small poi on the Chapter 3 map with more characters/bosses/mythics from games like Halo Infinite and Destiny/Destiny 2.