Adopted By GACHA STORIES In Minecraft!

Објављено 10 нов 2021
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Uh oh, the GACHA have invaded our Minecraft server!
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  • JELLYvittorialei


    I love how they are calling out a whole lot of cringy gacha stories/gacha logic :D

  • Hakuro Gaming

    Hakuro Gaming

    i like how all of the gacha tropes were used as stories or reasons for aph's orphan status

  • 王芷𤣩册Akira


    Dang Ein’s British accent IS SPOT ON 😂😂👌🏻✨

  • Boomxi


    Hi Aph, I would just like to say that i love this video very much but as a gachatuber i know that alot of people from the gacha community feel that other youtubers refer to the community as "Funny Content". And Im not saying you do this or purposely offend the community but i belive it is a bit offensive to some gacha tubers includeing myself. I hope this does not offend you and in the future you will consider this message :) (Im saying this knowing that many gacha tubers love your work) o o o (hug)

  • X 0517

    X 0517

    How Aphmau continuously posts new videos everyday 7 days a week is beyond me. Though I do miss the older content, I will still support her whole heartedly!

  • Nathalie Gritter

    Nathalie Gritter

    hey aph i has seen in one of your videos that you was cleaning the ocean as a mermaid princes and it was so beautyful to see how you rescued the minecraft ocean. a big shout out to you aph. kisses from nathalie from the netherlands.

  • ßlue Ångel #RoadTo15k

    ßlue Ångel #RoadTo15k

    This video made my day-

  • Corey Elder

    Corey Elder

    I like how they have everything prepared for her😁

  • Florida Man

    Florida Man

    does anyone else find it at least a little suspicious that every family that's ever adopted Aphmau always has a room already prepared for her regardless of circumstance?

  • Panda_Bean


    I love how ein just kept telling her she is very very important. Also this video is Great, I like the characters and I would like to have another video but in the next one can you make the characters look a little more like their Minecraft characters, and add a little more motions and expressions with the faces and poses in the next video? (P.S I'm not trying to be rude but as someone that likes gacha I was just curious if you could do that.)

  • Cake Pixel

    Cake Pixel

    I think this is the first time where ein actually agrees on adoption.

  • eigow ou

    eigow ou

    Ein: I mean we are gacha, we can do what ever we want. Me: Ya this is called gacha logic people.

  • Shadow Nightmare #GlitchSquad

    Shadow Nightmare #GlitchSquad

    "Oh look at it it's so cute!

  • {Melon • Mae}

    {Melon • Mae}

    I love how they bring up classic Gacha stories when they try to guess her backstory lol

  • SB Jaidan

    SB Jaidan

    i Love How Ein Is Protecting Her

  • Pierce Sims

    Pierce Sims

    I feel so bad for aphmau that she's beong blamed for something SHE DIDNT DO!!!

  • GameToons Animation

    GameToons Animation

    I just can't get over how beautiful this is.

  • Gxcha_Milky


    :> This is amazing I love how you made gacha into minecraft as a gacha creator myself this is really nice kinda like something in a nutshell! And I love how ya'll mentioned gacha storys like "The hated child is the lost princess" and all the gacha logic xD

  • Diego Roman

    Diego Roman

    Okay, but that HD intro is actually cool.

  • Shroomp The Shroom

    Shroomp The Shroom

    This is actually a pretty good video, it shows how wild and how crazy gacha stories can be.